The Brief

Brighter Productions were chosen once again as the AV supplier of choice to support JCB’s new product line reveal. The highlight of the evening would be the launch JCB’s new line of scissor lift machines, a defining moment as they marked their entry into the access market. To match the boldness of this move by JCB Brighter Productions sought to produce a product reveal of equal impact.

The reveal would be a world exclusive. With a number of shows over 3 days, playing to the world’s press, industry dealers and distinguished guests. With a surprise appearance from the JCB Chairman Lord Bamford.

The Concept

Taking inspiration from JCB’s emphasis on their new machines ability to reach new heights, we aimed to design a production that would showcase their impressive 18 meter climb. We decided to create a transformative experience for the audience that would have them centered to the production with their surroundings disappearing in front of their eyes. The payoff being the entire ceiling being raised to match the max height of the scissor lifts and false walls dropping away revealing the new machines standing tall.

The Execution

Guests were guided to the main room for the dinner reception through an interior layout constructed with false walls and ceilings that hung from a (SIZE?) mother grid. A brief keynote was displayed on a flown LED display at the back of a small stage. On cue our technicians triggered 24 Kinesys motors, to simultaneously lift the mother grid, taking with it the ceiling and all the rigged AV. During this phase of the reveal a circular LED display hanging horizontally above the audience jumps into life. Whilst a surrounding circular truss section of lighting fixtures, mirrors the movement of the content displaying on the LED.


The show at this point was entirely controlled by timecode ensuring our client was guaranteed the same show time and time again. As the ceiling rig rose the audience were systematically treated to a JCB experience unlike any other before it. The reveal would end with our premiere M2.9 LED product standing pride of place. Constructed as a 24 meter wide, seamlessly curved display with a resolution over 8k. From here on out the display would be the backbone of the production, serving as a canvas for super wide presentations and motion graphics all created by our in house creatives.